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Slow and steady.

I will start writing slow and short. My first step. Again.

So this is what I’ve decide to do, at least for now;

  • reading
  • work-out
  • lettering
  • writing

my lettering and practices should be here

I shall comments interesting stuff that I read write it down. =)

intelligentsia + catalyst.

intelligentsia.// social class of people engaged in complex, mental and creative labor directed to the development and dissemination of culture, encompassing intellectuals and social groups close to them. (Wikipedia)

since my writing is about  e v e r t h i n g  which is  r a n d o m. i thought this should help. =)

top bottom left right. i write random,i write whatever i thought.

wordpress. from blogspot.

haih. i used to crapping around blogspot but it’s kind tough to adapt with wordpress. ok i’m still learning.

By the way, Yes to answer the question. I used to blog on blogspot event un-intentionally deleted by (me ) by accident. ouch.

but hey find it wordpress really cool =)

since 2006.

no more trexxtales. but its dashielldash&co.