PSA: drive carefully.

I almost had an accident. And that’s scary.. one the first day of Ramadhan.

Drove from Subang to Rawang with headache is not pleasant, I lost my focus. Now I know what slippery road felt like when I’d lost control of the car. Be careful when driving, especially in the rain. The truck driver who manage to honk and move slight trying not to hit me, thank you who ever you are. A cautious one.

What happen to me is a hydroplaning; which a layer of water between the wheel of vehicle and surface of the road contact which leading to loss of traction. Oh no, I wish not to feel that again. Pushing the break to the max, but the car keep sliding, luckily the car in front is moving at a decent speed, another thankful note to that. Any slower, it would be a crash.

Escape and thankful.

Few hundreds meters ahead, there was four cars accident at the same location. I’m just grateful we are not the part of the statistics.

Drive carefully; switch on your lights but not hazard light (Malaysian have a tendency to use hazard lights during heavy rain, it against the law by the way). Slowly, you’ll get there.


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