List that I always been thinking..

  • Carpentry
  • Sailing
  • Playing Seruling (Flute)


I always love seeing my grandpa building things at his house, our kampung. Since I was a kid, he build our little pondok (a hut) for us to play, a tool for us to dig at the back of the house, he build his own pelita when Eid comes, plus with the wiring he’s done. I would say he may not be the best electrician but it works in his way. And there’s one day where I found a youtube video a a guy who build his own house from the log. That interest me enough to start thinking about it.


This is like a long once in a while dream to at least be in the sail boat. I’ll keep this one secret.


Also, this is cause by grandpa..I remember that mom once in a while says Atuk (grandpa) do play one and I heard Atuk once ask mum about this, where can he buy one? Atuk also love to display a phrase “Seruling Anak Gembala” a Sudirman Arshad song. We can still see it now, at the little garage hut, his motocycle, and his tools. I guess that’s why I’ve a feeling that small instinct telling me that “Flute is in my blood”.




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