word idea #TBBT

Have you seen The Big Bang Theory series #TBBT? Thanks to free iflix I managed to watch the entire season. 10th season is online though. I’ve collected a series of word-a-doodle which I think may suit for my lettering project.

  • labradoodle
  • balderdash
  • wackadoodles
  • idiosyncrasy
  • troglodytes
  • axiomatic
  • immaculate
  • venereal
  • spelunking
  • kowtow
  • fissionable
  • snickerdoodle

At least that’s what I managed to capture during my time watching. Those are the words that are not in my average vocab. English isn’t my first lingo. You’ll get use to my writing/tweets which full of accidental typo and grammar mistakes.

Though, I have to type this out for my reference.

On the other hand, credit to the script writers manage to add some value added to this series the construct of word/phrase which brilliantly executed by the actors/ess.

Next time, I’ll be sharing word of wisdom from Game of Thrones. I’ve collected a few and still “studying” the series.


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