#TrexxTravelsTo : Maldives

Male. Dad. He’s the influence of this solo trip. Early 2000.

Pertama kalinya dengar nama negara Maldives. Well, my dad used to work in the city so it’s kinda intriguing to listened to his stories. The fisherman; the market; and of course the white sandy beaches.

“Ya kalau pergi, hotel dia depan tu pantai je, airport pulau lain, Male pulau lain..pagi-pagi pergi pasar ikan tongkol ikan tuna besar-besar..fresh! Ayah suka ikan bilis uish sedappp goreng!” begitulah cerita ayah. He tells a lot about fish market than the beaches. LOL

Years and years, the wonder of Maldives lingers in my mind. Various reading, pictures, stumble upon through out years of listening to my dad story. Hmm.

This trip however is somewhat random and unexpected. Reason? Cheap airlines ticket. AirAsia with direct from Kuala Lumpur. Around RM700 (USD180), sometimes it can be a lot cheaper. I bought in on sale period. Other option from Kuala Lumpur is to get Malaysia Airlines but transit in Colombo. From airlines ticket is where I craved my plans, then to accommodation, transportation, and nope, I don’t really plan ahead what I’m gonna do. Searching point of interest aren’t that hard, it’s a place surrounded by water after all and isn’t that big per island. Not to worry.

Blue ocean. Yes. But that was after, a need of a good sleep in 4-hours flight, while departing at 6.55pm MYT than to arrive 8.10pm Maldives Time. Passed my bedtime clock.

Hulhumale Public Beach. No bikini. =)

From the airport, my Airbnb place is near Hulhumale which I called an airport city rather than to stay in crowded Male. MVR30/US2 trip from the airport to the town. I save Male for my island-to-island transit time. You’ll understand in short while.

Airbnb for RM100(US25) for two-night stay with brekky! Nice. But first night wasn’t good. My story goes like this, my Airbnb stays with my host Ibrahim is suppose to be in Apartment/Condo Residences. Room only. Beautiful place, but slightly 5 minutes walk to the beach. However, my host suggest he’ll put me a room in front of the beach, technically his relative inn,which is different but for me it’s better, beach-front! So change of place! His place is a boys place with play-station and sort . Yeah I could only hear the sound to the wave wush-ing around as I arrived at night. Naik moto. Ponnnponnn! Helmet gone. Riding within 5 minutes. Well, I got a room with private bathroom. And later that night my upper room neighbor almost got robbed, when the drug addicts try to pick their window. The hotel manage to capture him and however I’m quite suspicious when they release him at the corner of the end of the road. It’s important to remain cautious cause Maldives is a raising developing country where these type of petty criminal is getting common also surrounded by construction building so and so.

Second day waking up for the sunrise. I’m pretty sure I’m woke up at 6am but looks like 7am MYT, lol. Exploring the neigborhood, snapping some pictures (check out my instagram with hashtag #trexxtravelsto) and trying stuff like withdrawing at their ATM’s. If your are Malaysians reading this, don’t worry too many Malaysian product over there, Chipsmore, Maggi, etc. In fact, no need the worry of the food, halal all the way. Mostly I walked around the island, but Hulhumale is quite a big island probably it is good to take bus costing around 30 Rufiyaa ($2) go to airport and travel to Male for same price via their ferry-boat. As I need to explore the Vilingili Ferry station to my transit ferry ride for almost everyday on during my stay, it’s a 30-40minutes walk from Airport Ferry to the other side of the island. Please be aware of the travel time of the ferry to your island destination which is vary. Still won’t cost much, your can search round google and also your booking.com/agoda hotel info about that. From there I can plan my timing for the next day trip to Maafushi Island. Oh if you cannot find the ferry station, mind that there are two option that a usually used by tourist to move around such Government ferry and the City Council Atolls ferry this located in front of the Marrybrown! Cost extra 1 Dollars for a comfort seats with numbers. Mind that your need to by this early to avoid not having seats but you can always seat on top of the ferry yang panas tu. hahaha.

Fast forward my third day is to Maafushi, one of most visited island about 1-2 hours ride. A long the way your may the the water bungalow everywhere, and Maafushi itself is vast of chalet/guest house around for your guys to stay, some will offer you a trip to whichever water bungalow resort with some hefty price per day. And Maafushi do have a ATM’s! Plenty of food restaurant to try, Nasi Goreng every where..haha LAPAR makan je~ Water sports too. If you are like me, just to hanging around enjoying the view the beach, it’s okey not to spend much on that stuff. I don’t have scuba diving licence so no, it’s a scary for me even just to snorkel. Mind that, if you use government ferry you’ll arrived around 5pm so it takes couple hours to tour around the island which basically offer your a beach only. lol so from the moment that I arrived to late night is my exploring time cause later tomorrow I’ll be travelling to other island.

Behind me is the prison!

Even my receptionist at Beachwood hotel, a filipino, suggested that the best way to experience Maldives is by island hopping. You’ll be bored after 1 day tour around the island which you can complete the island in 45min to 1hour via walking. Did I mention that my hotel is slightly beside the prison like this picture. No worries this hotel is in front of the police station.

A night at Maafushi is enough, and next day to my target island, my surf island Thulusdhoo for couple nights there. Depart early morning as 7am to arrived Thulusdhoo around 5pm still cause as I mentioned your need to go back to Male city to catch another ferry of different island. And the gap from arriving in Male and to wait a ferry to T island is long enough that I could hang around the fish market, lunch at Marrybrown and bought some souvenirs.

Well I seems to pay a lil bit extra for extra comfort here in this island. Watch my video, a newly guest house for couple hundred bucks. Manage by Giulia an italian compadre. Clean cozy hard bed, takpelah..layankan aje.

I love the view that scenery and don’t mind living here as well. Booked at Booking dot com. Kahanbu Ocean View. Beautifully capturing the beach life as is.

And I met Luca the Italiano. My little friend. Who at first was a sand playmate to boardgame playmate to toy playmate. I’ve hashtag #trexxandlilluca at instagram video. My fun time with Luca!

Next day is surf time. From morning till noon. Panas hitam dah lepas tu. Tired and sleep till dinner time. Having a dinner with bunch of italiano really feels like home, but they aren’t fluent in English, small talk and as long as my stomach is full I don’t mind. Makan je la.. Giulia made me a pasta. Makantime. Then sleep. Phewww tiring mate. But need to pack for departure tomorrow.

So there, back early morning ferry ride to Male and lepak near Airport, oh if you need to change back your Rufiya to Dollar/RM no problem you can do that at the Forex of Bank of Maldives near airport.

I will write more on tips to Maldives.

This is my TrexxTravelsTo story. Singing off.





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